The Wonders of Wednesday

Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man’s desire to understand.”

Neil Armstrong

I wonder why the rabbits picked on my lupines that I just planted.

I wonder each morning and evening at the incredible beauty in sunrise and sunset.

I wonder what my dog thinks as she watches me in a yoga pose.

I wonder if the scientists are right about the COVID-19 spreading more by air and less through surface droplets.

I wonder if the small things I do, in an attempt to make my corner of the world better–matter.

I wonder what my mother would say about all the things that have occurred in the last 24 years since her death.

I wonder if I’ll ever stop caring what people think of me.

I wonder why I am so blessed at this time in my life–and I am in awe.

I wonder why➖to so many people➖things are black or white only.

I wonder why sometimes it’s easier to hold my “see the other side”attitude in than it is to find words to defend it.

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