Thankful Thursday

The unthankful heart discovers no mercies; but the thankful heart will find, every hour, some heavenly blessings.’ Henry Ward Beecher Gentle breeze billows curtains, Blue sky, clouds of fluff. Sometimes the beauty is missed, By a narrow gaze. Take joy in the little things. From a walk through Talleyrand Park–the first peony of the season.

On Recycling

Resurface. Reupholster. Repaint. Refinish. Make something old new again! Natalie DiScala I’ve thought a lot about recycling. My building does a good job, but there are somethings that can’t be recycled–black food containers, plastic straws, etc. I am thankful that God can take all our ugly sins and the trash of our lives and assureContinue reading “On Recycling”

Weather Mirrors Moods

The weather this spring has been strange, No matter where you make your home. I think it mirrors the changing face, Of the pandemic as we stay – mostly alone. Some days I’m fine and enjoy the free time, Other days, I’m unhinged, no purpose in mind. I’m thankful some progress has been made, AndContinue reading “Weather Mirrors Moods”

Ready for Church

I got up this morning, got ready for church, But not in a chair or a pew. I sat on my couch with coffee in hand, My computer screen clearly in view. It’s not the old way, But it’s needed at this time. To hear God’s Word spoken, Although there won’t be wine. We gatherContinue reading “Ready for Church”

In a Time of Social Distancing

I stood at the door with my mask in place, To go for groceries requires planning and space, Stay six feet apart and be careful what you touch, Only pick up what you’ll buy–bananas and such, How long will it last, this surreal time? I want to write silly things, but still make them rhyme.Continue reading “In a Time of Social Distancing”