Monday Mourning Dove

On Monday this week, I thought about a story a friend had told about his mother and a bird. “What bird is making all that racquet,”she asked. “A Mourning Dove,” my friend replied. afternoon!” But it’s afternoon,”his mom said. That led me to thinking about how many are”mourning” over the state of our world. TheContinue reading “Monday Mourning Dove”

Dare To Be Different-Stand Out

I thought about this as I looked at my photograph of the view this morning. No fog today, but fall is peaking around the corner of late summer and waving a “see me” flag. My mother always said that the fall made her sad because of what was coming. She meant the long stretch ofContinue reading “Dare To Be Different-Stand Out”

Connie’s Comments and Verse

What better way to start a day than with coffee and some inspirational reading. Maybe you start with your Bible, Or an author who lifts your spirits. Take time for that and some stillness, Before you check the obits. If you’re not listed as my friend said, Then rise and start your day, You’ll beContinue reading “Connie’s Comments and Verse”

From Waffling Wednesday to Thankful Thursday

There is no more miserable human being than one in whom nothing is habitual but indecision. William James On Wednesday, already at the center of the week, I was paralyzed with indecision. Nothing earth-shaking, but simple every day choices to make. Should I continue to ice my swollen sore ankle and hope it got better,Continue reading “From Waffling Wednesday to Thankful Thursday”

Tuesday’s Child is Full of Grace

First printed source of the Nursery Rhyme was in 1838 in A. e. Bray’s Traditions of Devonshire (Volume II, pp. 287-288) Although it was first printed in 1838, the tradition of fortune telling by days of birth is much older. Thomas Nashe recalled stories told to young children in Suffolk in the 1570s, known asContinue reading “Tuesday’s Child is Full of Grace”

Nature’s Artwork

A spider worked all day, While I took many breaks, His finished product a masterpiece, Of symmetry with no mistakes. But never satisfied, And with his food to procure, He kept at it and at dawn, I saw that there were more. Each web was different, Some as yet not complete, It seems the standardsContinue reading “Nature’s Artwork”