From Waffling Wednesday to Thankful Thursday

There is no more miserable human being than one in whom nothing is habitual but indecision.

William James

On Wednesday, already at the center of the week, I was paralyzed with indecision. Nothing earth-shaking, but simple every day choices to make. Should I continue to ice my swollen sore ankle and hope it got better, or was it time to call a doctor? Should I try to get some walking in and push through the discomfort? Should I venture out to shop for a couple of items at a time when I am still a little uncomfortable, despite the care most store are exercising for our safety?

I read my devotional materials for the day and answered a call. It was a friend with whom I’ve been reading the same prayer throughout the last month. As we caught up for a few minutes, I found myself laughing as she described a picture her daughter had sent of her pug, complete with life vest, swimming in a lake.

An ordinary moment, that changed my attitude about the day. “Make a decision and step out,” someone in my past had said. That’s what I did with a good result.

Today, Thursday, I woke up with a song on my mind. It was “What a wonderful world,” in Louis Armstrong’s voice. I gave thanks for all that I’ve experienced and been blessed with in my life.

Notice that in the foreground, I spotted a stop sign –a reminder to look up and find the light.

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