Thankful Thursday

Well, here I am on Thursday again. I wrote a couple of blogs earlier this week, but didn’t send as I was dissatisfied with them. I know, we talked about that and making decisions. I’ve had a sore, swollen ankle for a few days and have no sure diagnosis on that yet either. Xray showed nothing broken and blood clot ruled out. It still hurts when I walk. I have an appt. coming up with my orthopedic doctor. What is my point?

This morning, as I used the pool in my building to soak my ankle, my thoughts turned to thankfulness. I am healthy for 78 and when some small medical problem comes along, it causes me to feel empathy for the many, many people who battle health problems every day. I pray for several who have ongoing problems and are in captivity more than most people because of the pandemic.

Please stop the political liaisons and pray for a solution for the world for COVID-19 and take it and science seriously.

Looks like some sort of galactic battle taking place. Nature couldn’t decide on the type of clouds for the day.

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  1. Msdedeng says:

    You take beautiful pictures, Connie.


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