Christmas Lessons

I’m not speaking of the lessons of advent,

Or the lessons and carols that many churches present as part of the Christmas season.

I’m thinking of lessons that I have learned through 80 Christmases:

  1. Even during the difficult times in my life, something spiritual, even magical happens at this time of year.
  2. A little spark of hope rises in me that is more insistent than usual.
  3. You don’t need a “mountain top” experience to be able to tell you faith story.
  4. When God seemed to be not listening or absent, I learned that I could have wound up hurt or in trouble so many times without His help.My lessons were often in the form of a near accident I avoided, no injury in a violent environment, or a kind teacher that gave me advice, a ride, etc. It couldn’t all be coincidence.
  5. As Christmas is seen faintly rising on the horizon, I am stirred to reflection and drawn to acts of kindness to others-my own, but by random persons as well. I love those stories. I especially like to see the acts of selflessness in people whom I don’t see as church people or religious. Something happens to all mankind–call it angels, magic, or “Pass-it-on” urgings; the results are the same. I like to recognize these kindnesses when I see them and thank the persons if possible.
  6. We should grab a little of that spirit as you see it. Soon enough the Christmas season will be past.
  7. Your stories can benefit others.
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  1. Tori Von Leer says:

    Thanks for the wise words, Connie. Merry Christmas 🎄
    Tori Von Leer💕

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