Downsizing, Revising, and Realizing that Less Can Be More

“For me, decluttering and downsizing has caused shifts in my thinking and my habits. I don’t have to declutter; I choose to declutter.” Lisa Shultz, Lighter Living: Declutter. Organize. Simplify.

As to my downsizing, I started before it was truly needed. I moved to a small house after my husband died to be close to at least one of my kids. I went through an agonizing (at times) series of decisions to sell the house, land, excavating and farm equipment and many antiques and possessions that it took 40 years to collect. That move was not the end, however and a couple moves later, I am in a small apartment that feels cozy. I have to declutter at times, for in such a small space, a few items lying around look like a small tornado swept through.

I gave up a yard, a garden, perfect branches for bird feeders and acres to walk. But downsizing also opened up more time for the slowing down that is needed, and happens whether you’re ready or not. I live in a building with a multitude of older people from 55 years old and beyond. I would have been very lonely in my home in the country by now and probably unable to keep the fields cared for and the grass mowed. I miss the horses we had, but I miss them as enormous pets with enormous appetites and involving a lot of care.

Things change and you must change with them. if you don’’t, you will stay on the elliptical motion of day to day chores that go on and on, and become more and more difficult.

The downsizing has been down shifting. At a slower pace, I’m excited by the report that two ducks were spotted out front by our fish pond. I dash out to take a picture. I once had a very large pond and barely noticed the ducks in my busy years of working and raising a family. I watch for hummingbirds to return and study the fields to spot a new bird. I have dozens of pictures of the beautiful sunsets I see from my living room.

So life is very different these day—but it is still beautiful. Be kind to yourself, and to your neighbors. Upsize your living as you downsize your life.

A new couple in our neighborhood. Next plan—see where they have a nest!

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