Tuesday’s Child is Full of Grace

First printed source of the Nursery Rhyme was in 1838 in A. e. Bray’s Traditions of Devonshire (Volume II, pp. 287-288) Although it was first printed in 1838, the tradition of fortune telling by days of birth is much older. Thomas Nashe recalled stories told to young children in Suffolk in the 1570s, known asContinue reading “Tuesday’s Child is Full of Grace”

Nature’s Artwork

A spider worked all day, While I took many breaks, His finished product a masterpiece, Of symmetry with no mistakes. But never satisfied, And with his food to procure, He kept at it and at dawn, I saw that there were more. Each web was different, Some as yet not complete, It seems the standardsContinue reading “Nature’s Artwork”

The Wonders of Wednesday

Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man’s desire to understand.” Neil Armstrong I wonder why the rabbits picked on my lupines that I just planted. I wonder each morning and evening at the incredible beauty in sunrise and sunset. I wonder what my dog thinks as she watches me in a yogaContinue reading “The Wonders of Wednesday”

Thursday’s Travels

I’ll start the day by gathering the blueberries, I ordered with excitement, Freezing some and eating many, Blue lips will serve as indictment. Next I’ll travel a few miles south, To help a friend whose husband’s in hospital, I’ll feed and play with their beloved cat. Hoping he’ll only nip me a little. Then onContinue reading “Thursday’s Travels”

Make a Rhyme Monday

Dear Monday, I want to break up. I’m seeing Tuesday and dreaming about Friday. It’s not me, it’s you. UnknownThe reason Monday is so hard to face,Is because it starts on Sunday night.It lurks around like a unwanted guest,Till the first rays of new daylight.You might as well rise and dress,Monday’s here if you’re readyContinue reading “Make a Rhyme Monday”

One Word Sunday – Patchwork

As I thought about what I could add for Patchwork, I looked over at my dog and I saw it–patchwork. A neighbor in my building lovingly made small quilts for all the dogs in the building. I barely knew her at the time and it was a thoughtful gesture. They were supposed to be forContinue reading “One Word Sunday – Patchwork”

Thankful Thursday

The unthankful heart discovers no mercies; but the thankful heart will find, every hour, some heavenly blessings.’ Henry Ward Beecher Gentle breeze billows curtains, Blue sky, clouds of fluff. Sometimes the beauty is missed, By a narrow gaze. Take joy in the little things. From a walk through Talleyrand Park–the first peony of the season.

On Recycling

Resurface. Reupholster. Repaint. Refinish. Make something old new again! Natalie DiScala I’ve thought a lot about recycling. My building does a good job, but there are somethings that can’t be recycled–black food containers, plastic straws, etc. I am thankful that God can take all our ugly sins and the trash of our lives and assureContinue reading “On Recycling”