The Rainbows after the Rain.

Why would you worry?
God's handling it all.
If you don't believe,
Start with something small

You go to bed not knowing,
What the next day will bring,
You know the night will pass,
And that the birds will sing.

Look for the signs in everyday life,
They're there in smiles and in greetings.
So count every small thing you see,
For life is worthwhile--but fleeting.

Every day is a chance to do kindness,
To check on an old friend or two,
What pleases others pleases God,
And joy will return to you.

Quote of the Day

I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning to sail my ship.
Louisa May Alcott

A couple of days ago, while it was rainy and gloomy, I looked up from the computer to see a rainbow suddenly appear on the trees below me outside my window. It was across the trees–not in the sky. A little beam of sunlight had shined through the drizzle. It gave me a huge thrill and I felt that it was meant for me and my dark mood. By the time I grabbed my phone for a picture–the rainbow was already fading. These are the little things that tell me, “God is bigger than all our trials and He is always there.”

Connie’s Coffee Chat

I got up this morning and thought I looked fine,

Then I put in my contacs and saw the decline

Deep wrinkles and fine lines–though fewer of those,

After a deep sigh–I just put on my clothes.

What else can you do, when we’re all stuck inside,

But pray for each other until this subsides.

Check on your neighbor by phone or by text,

None of us know what is happening next.

The days loom before us–a deep dark abyss,

I keep remembering how I once longed for this.

To have no reason to rise and rush out,

Just to love and help each other–that’s what it’s all about.

Con’s Coffee Chat and a Verse

It’s taken several years of retirement

To let go and finally slow down.

This “stay at home” rule has caused changes.

That have helped turn my life around.

My volunteer jobs were worthwhile and good,

I enjoyed bookclubs and lunches with friends.

But staying home and meditating,

Helped me see what ‘s important in the end.

To see more of my family and grandkids,

If only across a small screen.

Will live in our memories much longer,

I don’t have to explain what that means.

I want my family to remember my love,

Not hours spent in outside endeavors.

I want to leave wisdom and humor to them,

They’re more important than all of the others.

About Me

I’m a retired anesthetist who loves reading, writing, rhyming and works freelancing for a weekly newspaper. My many years of life give me the impetus to share my words and experiences to brighten a day for others. So writing is Therapy for Me and Food for Thought for you. #mother#grandma#humor#hummingbirds,#devotionals.

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