Con’s Coffee Chat and a Verse

It’s taken several years of retirement

To let go and finally slow down.

This “stay at home” rule has caused changes.

That have helped turn my life around.

My volunteer jobs were worthwhile and good,

I enjoyed bookclubs and lunches with friends.

But staying home and meditating,

Helped me see what ‘s important in the end.

To see more of my family and grandkids,

If only across a small screen.

Will live in our memories much longer,

I don’t have to explain what that means.

I want my family to remember my love,

Not hours spent in outside endeavors.

I want to leave wisdom and humor to them,

They’re more important than all of the others.

Writing is Therapy for Me and Food for Thought for You

As we get to know each other, page may change. I have a desire to share my many years of life experiences with others to help them navigate the rivers and oceans they encounter.

What could be better than Christmas and nine grandchildren? More pictures will appear from time to time.

About Me

I’m a retired anesthetist who loves reading, writing, rhyming and works freelancing for a weekly newspaper. My many years of life give me the impetus to share my words and experiences to brighten a day for others. So writing is Therapy for Me and Food for Thought for you. #mother#grandma#humor#hummingbirds,#devotionals.

DropBy. Let’s get acquainted.

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