The Beauty of Spring

I had a few thoughts this week about what spring means this year. As a few green shoots appear in flower beds, along sidewalks, and near creeks, I feel hope bubbling in my soul. The same feeling emerged on the day I received my second COVID vaccine. We are not safe yet to resume our old way of living, but we can begin to see brighter days ahead.

Because of the year we’ve all experienced, I spend time with each gorgeous sunset, each bird’s beautiful colors and try to ascertain which ones are singing in the early morning. I find these moments bring joy to my days. I took the picture below on a walk with a friend through Talleyrand Park in Bellefonte.

How about how things occurred in Miami this weekend? People are so anxious to be “normal” again that they are not using good sense. I haven’t lost a loved one during this pandemic, but I know how frightened I was when a couple family memories did test positive. My heart goes out to all who were unable to say goodbye or hold a hand, or pray with a husband, wife, or anyone they loved.

Please, God, increase patience in me and all those who are waiting for “real life” to come back. Help us to see and live our best lives right here, right now. We can recognize each blessing if our eyes and ears are open and if we look for the things we can do to help each other. #nature, #writing, #faith, #joy, #patience

Thankful Thursday

Well, here I am on Thursday again. I wrote a couple of blogs earlier this week, but didn’t send as I was dissatisfied with them. I know, we talked about that and making decisions. I’ve had a sore, swollen ankle for a few days and have no sure diagnosis on that yet either. Xray showed nothing broken and blood clot ruled out. It still hurts when I walk. I have an appt. coming up with my orthopedic doctor. What is my point?

This morning, as I used the pool in my building to soak my ankle, my thoughts turned to thankfulness. I am healthy for 78 and when some small medical problem comes along, it causes me to feel empathy for the many, many people who battle health problems every day. I pray for several who have ongoing problems and are in captivity more than most people because of the pandemic.

Please stop the political liaisons and pray for a solution for the world for COVID-19 and take it and science seriously.

Looks like some sort of galactic battle taking place. Nature couldn’t decide on the type of clouds for the day.